First Time Buyers

Are you thinking of offering on Real Estate in the Okanagan?

Searching for your dream home requires a Kelowna professional who is familiar with the different areas in the Okanagan valley. When you have found the perfect Okanagan home and you wish to take the next step and its time to make an offer, your real estate professional or one of our talented agents will walk you through the process of evaluating the home under current market conditions.

Once a value has been established your agent will assist you in drafting an offer to purchase, this is a very important step in the home buying process. Hiring a professional agent or REALTOR will ensure you are protected and they will effectively communicate the offer to the seller and seller's real estate agent on your behalf.

A Sherlock + Associate REALTOR can assist you in generating an offer that protects your interests with terms and conditions specific to your needs.

An offer without conditions is known as a firm offer, while one with conditions is called a conditional offer. Some of the conditions that might be placed on an offer are "subject to financing approval", "subject to the buyer's house selling", "subject to an approved home inspection", your Sherlock + Associte Professional will walk you through the terms and conditions that will protect your interests.

The seller may accept your initial offer, reject it or present a counter-offer. The counter-offer will differ from your original offer with respect to price, conditions, the closing date or any other item. Offers can be countered back and forth between the two parties until one of you accepts or rejects, ending the negotiations.

Your Sherlock + Associate sales professional will answer your questions and explain the process of making an offer to you so that you are comfortable with the steps involved. Our knowledge and negotiating skills will be at your disposal to ensure you arrive at the best price possible.